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New year!!! #16!!!

We are excited to start our 16th year! Won't you join us on this journey of ours???



Current News


Recital was a success!!!!

Recital was great!!! If you are still needing a video please contact Alive Photo to order!



Recent News


Thank you to all that have supported!!!!

There have been many businesses and people that have helped make the dance team able to do fundraisers this year!!  For more information please contact the studio or a dazzler. This wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsers!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! 




Studio Policies



  1. No candy or gum chewing during classes.

  2. Have your name on all shoes, bags and personal belongings.  

  3. Be on time for classes change into dance clothes and shoes before classes begin.

  4. Keep hair pulled away from face and off the neck.  

  5. Be kind and courteous to your teachers and fellow dancers. 

  6. Pay attention to your teachers and assistances.

  7. Please do not put your feet on the walls, climb or hang from the ballet bars.

  8. Roughhousing on the gymnastics mats is strictly prohibited.  

  9. Help keep the dance studio, lobby, and restrooms clean.


  1. Return toys and books to the boxes and shelves, PLEASE.

  2. Be responsible for your trash and spills.

  3. Small children should be supervised at all times. No rough play!!

  4. Please keep children from playing around the clothing in the Boutique area.

  5. Please keep small children away from the glass on the viewing cases.



One lesson of each month will be designated for parents and or other students. This does not mean that the students may break the dress code. They may only do that for special occasions. They will be announced ahead of time in the newsletters.  

  • Classes in Studio A will have watch night on 2nd lesson of each month.

  • Classes in Studio B will have watch night on 3rd lesson of each month.

  • Classes in Studio C will have watch night on 4th lesson of each  month. 

    • Watch Night routine may vary, as we get closer to Recital Time.


  • If  the Studio closes do to inclement weather you may attend another class as a “make-up” within one month of the missed class. Your teacher or office staff can provide a Make –up slip with a recommendation for an appropriate level class for you to attend as your makeup. When arriving at the make up class please give your makeup slip to your teacher. No discounts will be given for students missing days. Closings will be determined by road conditions. Please call the studio 2 hrs. before class time for regarding class cancellation.


Please notify the office immediately of any change of address, home phone number, or work phone number.


These highly structured classes are for the dedicated students only. A commitment is required from students and parents. Open auditions (3 through 18) are held every spring. The rules and regulations are available upon request.


My door is always open. If you have concerns or thoughts please talk to my staff or myself and I will arrange time to speak with you. We are here to help your children discover their abilities and watch their talents blossom. Together we can make this year and every year a memorable one for both you and you child.


Tuition is due by the first class of the month. Tuition must be paid by the 10th of the month. Tuition paid on the 11th of the month will automatically be charged a $10.00 late fee. Please note tuition remains the same whether it is a 3 or 5-week month regardless of absences. If a student misses the 1st class of the month, tuition should be mailed in or dropped by the studio. If financial difficultly occurs please talk to the studio director to make payment arrangement. We are willing to work with everyone so that your child may have a great experience.


This is a great family value. Families with 2 or more students may deduct 15% from their TOTAL tuition. This does not apply to the Bushdio/Karate classes or mixed martial art! Dance/Gymnastics classes only.

NOTE: All rates are for one individual student. No prorating of tuition except of new students and first month only.


  • This must be scheduled thru the office.

    • Solo   -    $ 15.00 per half hour

    • Duet/Trios - $ 10.00 each person per half hour


Dance Classes

  • Multi color or any solid colored leotard

  • Any color or print ballet skit (optional)

  • White, Tan, or pink tights 

  • Hair pulled away from face & off neck 

  • For safety, no jewelry of any kind (Stud earrings are acceptable)

  • Pink Ballet Leather Split Sole Shoes

  • Black tap shoes

  • Tan or Black Jazz Shoes

    • The dress code and shoes will vary if on the Dance Team or just ballet classes.

Sports conditioning and stretching classes

  • Comfortable clothing that allows free movement

    • This class is designed to help any athlete regardless of the sport or type of dance they do. This class conditions the body focusing on flexibility and muscle strength.


  • Shorts, leotards with shorts, unitards, or clothing that will not restrict or hinder tumbling

Male Dancers:

  • Should wear comfortable clothing that allows us to see body movement

  • Black jazz shoes

  • Black tap shoes







 September To Recital

Fall - $21.50/ student

$37.62/ family


2020-2021 Dance &


Tuition Fees


1 hr.                  $40.00   1 ½hr.              $55.00   2 hr.                  $65.00   2 ½ hr.             $70.00    3 hr.                  $75.00    3 ½hr.              $80.00   4 hr.                  $85.00   4 ½hr.              $90.00   5 hr.                  $100.00  5 ½ hr.             $115.00  6 hr.                  $130.00 6 ½ hr.             $145.00 7 hr. or more   $160.00


Bushido/Karate  (monthly)

$25.00 White Belts

$35.00 Advanced

$30.00 Adults