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New year!!! #16!!!

We are excited to start our 16th year! Won't you join us on this journey of ours???



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Recital was a success!!!!

Recital was great!!! If you are still needing a video please contact Alive Photo to order!



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Thank you to all that have supported!!!!

There have been many businesses and people that have helped make the dance team able to do fundraisers this year!!  For more information please contact the studio or a dazzler. This wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsers!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! 




DZ Dazzler Dance Team

Description of Dance Team

Dance team is for students who want to take their passion for dance to the next level.   Dance team is for students who would like to compete at competitions and possibly make a career of dance.  It requires a commitment out of the student and the parents.   It requires several hours at the studio. The DZ Dazzlers are a nationally and regionally ranked competitive team.  This team does fundraisers to help off set the cost of costumes, competition fees, and tuition.  They also participate in several volunteering opportunities for the community.  Each Dazzler is assigned a buddy, by doing this the younger girls are usually paired with the older girls to have someone to look up to and ask for help.  The Dazzlers have various bonding actives throughout the year such as a buddy party and a sleep over at the studio.  The dazzlers are like a second family to the studio are everyone is always there when someone need help!


General Rules

Attendance- Dazzlers MUST maintain between a 95% & 100% attendance in all classes. Attendance between 90% & 95% puts a member on probationary status. Below 90% a member is suspended until their attendance is back at 95%. If a Dazzler misses two competition classes in a row they will be on probationary status. Competition class before a competition is mandatory! ALL Dazzlers MUST CALL when absent from any class.

- ALL competitions are mandatory. Dazzlers MUST be at a competition 2 hrs. before their time to compete. This means ready to go with full costume, hair, and make-up done 1 hr. perform scheduled competition times!

Competition Attire
– Dazzlers are NEVER to wear a costume to a competition. All Dazzlers MUST wear their warm-ups or designated DZ attire on stage at awards, to and from all dazzler functions and competitions.Attitude – Dazzlers MUST maintain a positive attitude at competitions & MUST uphold the camaraderie among our members. Dazzlers MUST remember that they are representing The Dance Zone & More. Please be respectful to everyone!

- Dazzlers MUST bring ALL costumes, ALL shoes, and ALL accessories.  Please have at least two pairs of tights of each kind and color with you at all times. Label everything. No fingernail or toenail polish. ALL costumes, accessories, tights, and shoes, must be purchased through the studio to maintain unity.

Spirit- Remember whether you are doing a solo or groups you are always a Dazzler!!! Support one another at competitions. And remember to be a good sport and clap for all groups you compete against.




All Dazzlers are required to audition every year.  If you can not make the scheduled audition then you may set up a private audition time that will work for you.All Dazzlers are required to take a Ballet class and a conditioning class.Dazzlers must take technique classes for the styles of dance that they are competing with.  Example - Your child is in a Jazz group, a Tap group and a Hip Hop group, they must take the technique class that corresponds to each style of group.


20 - 21 Competition Schedule




For more information

Please contact The Dance Zone & More at 636-583-ZONE(9663)