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New year!!! #16!!!

We are excited to start our 16th year! Won't you join us on this journey of ours???



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Recital was a success!!!!

Recital was great!!! If you are still needing a video please contact Alive Photo to order!



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Thank you to all that have supported!!!!

There have been many businesses and people that have helped make the dance team able to do fundraisers this year!!  For more information please contact the studio or a dazzler. This wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsers!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! 




    Class Times and Descriptions






Fall Schedule 2020-2021










Class schedules are subject to change according to enrollment.

  • Classes in italics are competition routines

  • Classes with * denontes recital routine will be performed at year end recital

Class Description

  • Tap & Ballet - basic techniques of tap and ballet including - flaps, shuffles, shuffle hop step, plie', tendu's, basic ballet positions, and pose'

  • Tap, Jazz & Ballet - progression on the basic skill of the tap and ballet class.  We introduce jazz steps such as - jazz squares, lindys, and pirouettes

  • Cheer Dance - learning arms, jumps, and dance steps that are common for cheerleading

  • Tap 1 - basic techniques  such as - single time steps, buffalos, and heel - toe rhythms

  • Tap 2 - skills of  Tap 1 and skills such as - double and triple time steps, flap and shuffle buffalos, advancement of heel - toe rhythms, pull backs, wings, toe stands, and military time steps

  • Tap 3 - skills of Tap 1 & 2 and skills such as - toe stand turns, shuffle time steps, maxyford turns, toe wings, single wings, syncopated and single pull backs, and traveling time steps

  • Tap 4 - skils of Tap 1,2, & 3, progressive time steps, syncopated wings, single wings, single toe stand turns

  • Jazz 1  –  basic jazz rhythms, jazz squares, chasse' ball change, three step turns, grand jete's,  jazz pirouettes, and start of center combinations

  • Jazz 2 – perfection of jazz 1 skills. Plus double jazz pirouettes, basic skills of pencil and coupe' turns, leaps in second, C jumps, basic skills of turns in second and fouette' turns, and turning jete'

  • Jazz 3  – perfection of skills from jazz 1 & 2. Plus triple and quad jazz pirouettes, double and triple pencil and coupe turns, increasing amount of turns in second and fouette' turns, switch leaps, turning C jumps and  reverse jete' jumps

  • Jazz 4 - perfection of skills from jazz 1,2, &3, inverted tilts, switching firebirds, turn combinations including russians, pirouettes and fouettes

  • Ballet – bare work, turn combinations across the floor, adagio and allegros in center, and correct body placement.  Ballet class placement is at the discretion of the ballet instructor

  • Pointe 1 – beginning Pointe skills, and basic ballet en Pointe

  • Cheer 101 – basic jumps, arm motions, and builds that are used for cheerleading

  • Gymnastics 1 – basic stretching, bridges, crab walks, handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, and straddle rolls 

  • Gymnastics 2 – perfection of skills of gymnastics 1. handstand roll downs, handstand walks, round offs, and one handed cartwheels

  • Gymnastics 3 – perfection of skill of gymnastics 1 & 2, front walk-overs, back walk-overs, front handsprings, and Valdez

  • Gymnastics 4 - perfection of skills of gymnastics 1, 2, & 3, standing back tucks, round off back handsprings and tucks, round off combinations, punch fronts, layouts, and single handed back handsprings

  • Conditioning – strength training, small weight lifting, cardio workouts, and basic stretching

  • Contempoary/Lyrical - learn expressive movements through combinations of sharp movements of jazz and soft movements of ballet

  • Leaps & Turns - in this class dancers will work on the skills needed to perfect jumps and multiple turn sequenices

  • Bushido/Karate - Learning forms, movements, and self defense techniques.